Top Tulsa taqueria

Greetings cowgirls and cowboys! The Amigos here coming at you live from the inside of our van.  We are somewhere between Tulsa, Oklahoma and Santa Fe, New Mexico … approaching Amarillo, Texas.  The land out here is flat, arid, and uneventful. The sky is vast, blue, and equally uneventful. But our spirits are high as we have had some fun gigs and are looking forward to some delicious food and hospitality in Santa Fe with Amigo Will's folks. 

We had a fun morning of teaching at an arts high school in Tulsa--fantastic musicians and cool kids. Afterwards we received a mouth-watering recommendation from several reliable sources for a lunch spot: El Rio Verde Mexican restaurant.  Located in the middle of an  industrial area of Tulsa, this unassuming casita was full of friendly waitresses, colorful plastic table covers, and cheap cold cervezas.  

Chips and salsa immediately came as we sat.  Two Amigos ordered the wet burritos stuff with chorizo, beans, rice, salsa, and topped with guacamole and cheese, then drenched with flavorful hot sauce.   The other two Amigos had the combination enchiladas: one cheese, one chicken, and one steak, rolled up in small red tortillas, topped with chease and hot sauce, served with rice and beans, guacamole.

The food was extremely raging. After our meal, the wait staff asked if we were a band, and then took pictures with us. What a great afternoon. El Rio Verde in Tulsa - highly recommended. 

Spicy Special Rating: Casually Raging. 


Enchiladas … obviously. 


Wet burrito - serious feast. 


The awesome waitresses.


Amigo Sam all tuckered out after a morning of raspberry picking on the farm in Cimayo, NM