Bon Appetit Beat

The Amigos have been in New York City the last few weeks cooling off from our overseas adventures. But don't worry... we certainly haven't melted into lethargy, eating take out nachos night after night and watching reruns of the West Wing (although that sounds pretty amazing).

We've been making Amigos with some folks in the Food and Beverage community. Last night we had the pleasure of bringing some spicy Amigos heat to Bon Appetit... the magazine that is.

Bon Appetit hosted their summer kick off event at the French restaurant Montmartre in the west village. We hit them with everything from Django to Hall and Oates, with a few Amigos specialities tossed in there for seasoning. In the process we enjoyed many fine glasses of Rose and some truly exceptional pork and lamb BBQ, grilled to succulent perfection and then rolled in a small crepe with a smoky green cilantro sauce on top. Voila, a French taco.